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State Chair: Jenna

National Committeeman: Ross

National Committeewoman: Allie

The Pennsylvania Young Republicans is the official youth wing of the Pennsylvania Republican Party and a leading state federation of the Young Republican National Federation.

  • 2018 State Federation of the Year awarded by the Young Republican National Federation
  • 2018 General Olmsted award for exception leadership to then-state chair Rick Loughery
  • 2018 Young Republican Club of the Year to Delaware County Young Republicans in Pennsylvania
  • More than 1 million voter contacts made in 2018 supporting Republican candidates in Pennsylvania
  • More than 2 million voter contacts made in 2020 supporting Republican candidates in Pennsylvania
  • The Young Republican National Chairman, Rick Loughery, is the former Pennsylvania state chair
  • Nearly 25% of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee is made up of Young Republicans
  • The State House Republican Caucus is made up of nearly 25% of Young Republicans



Instagram: @pennsylvaniayrs

Twitter: @payrs

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