Thomas Turner YRFV Chairman

By Rick Loughery

February 10, 2020

Thomas Turner is the current chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia (YRFV).  

What do you believe is the most important topic in the 2020 election cycle?  

Naturally, voters want to hear about the topics which are a part of their every day life, so I believe the emphasis will be on the job market, and the economy.

Why are you a young republican #YR?

I am passionate that the GOP promotes the opportunity for all to rise above their current station to achieve their version of the American Dream. YRs belong to the party of I can or I will — not I can’t or I won’t.

Who is your number one Republican role model?

That’s tough to name just one, personally I would have to say either; Frederick Douglass or President George HW Bush.

What do you believe is the YRs best contribution to politics?

I know everyone says this but, we truly are the boots on the ground. Young Republicans fight to expand the GOP’s base in various ways, we are constantly reaching communities that the older version of the GOP would not normally engage with.

Share your most beloved YR memory!

My favorite would hands down be celebrating the win of now, Virginia State Senator, Jen Kiggans. Her campaign was an all out Young Republican led effort from beginning to victory!!

Why do you have passion to recruit, elect and train YRs?

I am passionate about recruiting and training YRs because we are not the next generation leaders we are the leaders. We are professionals’, parents, and community leaders across the country. From small towns to big cities, we are the American people. Today’s issues affect us now more than ever. Our country needs elected leaders of my generation that understand the issues we face — not just older folks telling us what our issues are.

What is one example of how being a YR has helped you professionally?

Having the ability to connect with other young professionals who share similar values but also share the same struggles in the workplace for being a proud Republican.

Which YR event are you looking forward to the most this year and why?

Any YR Club meeting I have to honor of attending in the Commonwealth of Virginia. YRFV Clubs work tirelessly to elect Republicans and grow the big tent GOP. I am extremely proud of them and look forward to hitting the pavement with them just about every week.